The greatest man in Korea History

“King Sejong the Great” (세종대왕)
King Sejong, the 4th king of the Joseon Dynasty (1397-1450, reigning from 1418-1450) was responsible for some of the most brilliant achievements in the history of Korea, including the creation of Hangeul (Korean alphabet) and great advancements in the areas of science, culture, art and politics.
“He’s the one who play the important role in the CREATION of Korean Alphabet – Hangeul”
From the pictures above you can find out the King Sejong Statue (세종대왕 동상) in Gwanghwamun Square *alaa korang boleh tengok kat tepi jalan, taksilap dekat ngan Gyeongbokgung Palace haa pandai je aku. Ahaha anyway youguys can take subway stop at Gyeongbokgung Station or take bus to go there.
If you guys wanna find out about King Sejong story youguys can go to “The King Sejong story Exhibition Hall” which located in Sejong-daero, Jongno-gu, Seoul. you can take subway and stop at Gyeongbokgung Palace then From Gyeongbokgung Palace Station (Subway Line 3), and exit at Exit 6, walk towards Sejong-ro.
His story have been filming into The Great King Sejong.

King sejong statues
King sejong

Gangneung 2nd Winter Olympics host game

Gangneung (강릉시) is a city in Gangwon-do. The population  is 229,869. Gangneung also known as the economic center of Yeongdong region of Gangwon Provinces.

Gangneung also have many tourist attractions such as Jeongdongjin (the very popular area for watching sunrise) especially during New Year. Beside that Gangneung was popular because the greatest woman in korea history, Shin Saimdang.

Instead of Pyeongchang, Gangneung also one of the host cities for 2018 Pyeongchang Winters Olympics and Paralympic. They have various facilities for accommodates all athletes during this event.


Stadium in Gangneung “Gangneung Coastal cluster”

There is the all of stadium that gonna be a venue for 2018 Winter Olympics and Paralympic. 

1. Gangneung Hockey Center (강릉 아이스하키경기장)

Gangneung Hockey Center

This stadium will host the Olympics Games for Ice Hockey & Paralympic Games for Ice Sledge Hockey. This is a new hockey center that has been under construction since March 2014 and have been finish recently. The cost for built this stadium around 108billion₩ ($90million US).

The beautiful new Hockey stadium

This stadium can accommodate approximately 10,000 people.

2. The Gangneung Oval (강릉 스피드 스케이팅 경기장)

The Gangneung Oval

The Gangneung Oval is a speed skating oval in South Korea which will used for speed skating competition in 2018. This venue consist a double track 400m can accommodate till 8000 people.

3. Gangneung Ice Arena (강릉 아이스 아레나)

Gangneung Ice Arena

Gangneung Ice Arena (강릉 아이스 아레나) is an indoor ice arena which has been built for 2018 Winter Olympics. It located in the coastal city of Gangneung. It will be the venue for sport (figure skating & short track speed skating). This stadium can accommodate around 12,000 people.

4) Gangneung Curling Centre (강릉 실내 빙상경기장)

Gangneung curling centre is an indoor arena was used for 2013 Species Olympics World Winter Games and will be used for both 2018 Winter Olympics & 2018 Winter Paralympics. 


32 Jonghabundongjang-gil,Gyo 2(I)-dong, Gangneung, Gangwon-do, South Korea

5) Kwandong Hockey Center

Kwandong Hockey Center isa future ice skating arena which will be established on the grounds of Catholic Kwandong University in Gangneung, Gangwon. On 2018, this place will be of the two venue for Ice Hockey.

Hanbok (한복)

Hanbok is the traditional costume/cloth in Korea. In South Korea they called as Hanbok (한복) meanwhile in North Korea they called it as (조선옷) Joseon-ot. 

The words “Hanbok” (한복) in korean come from words (한) + (복) . In Korean, “한 means korea ..*psst did you know the name of republic of korea? Yeahh! That was (대한민국) can you see where is 한 come from? Then the word (복) mean as clothing “clothes that they used especially during traditional festival in Joseon Dynasty. 

But nowadays they is no any limit for wearing Hanbok. People (in Korea) often worn Hanbok in special events like Birthday, wedding, anniversary and also Chuseok (korean thanksgiving day).

From what I know the hanbok is different between season cause they used a different materials. At past, hanbok is one of way to separate the different social classes in Korea. There is a different of hanbok between the royal family, aristocracy and the peoples.(pssst, you can found it on historical kdrama) 

KBS2 – Love In Moonlight “Eunuch & Prince Hanbok”

Hanbok that often worn by scholar
SBS Scarlet Heart Ryeo – Hanbok wear by royal family”


Can you see how many beautiful Hanbok exist in Korea?😱

Wearing Hanbok when walk around to historical palace like Gyeongbuk Palace or Hanok Villages in Korea is must do thing among tourist if they visiting korea because it a perfect time for shoot a perfect picture!

If you go to Korea, don’t forget to rent the Hanbok from Hanboknam. They make a beautiful and exclusive hanbok. The materials very nice.  They also have the hanbok that you can renact the kdrama since with you best friend or your partners!  The more special is if you used voucher from DKYW(DISCOVER Korea Your Way) 2017/18 you will get special price lah weh. 

When you guys visiting the historical place like Gyeongbokgung Palace, Samcheondong and Buchon Hanok Villages and wear together hanbok it’s like the best ever experiences.

Hanboknam special offer in DKYW2017

May –  a special family month in South Korea

As we know before, February very famous for couple day which many of people celebrate their Valentine day. But not many people aware that in Korea, they have special family month which occurs in May. May also know as Family Month which you can celebrate your family member. 👨👩‍👧‍👦 In May they normally celebrate children day, parents day married couple day. 

#1 Children Day, 5th May 👼👶

Children day have beend celebrate in entire of world in different day/date. In South Korea, they celebrate children day on 5th May annually.  

Credit : shuttershock
Credit : shuttershock

In korea they pronounce children day as어린이날 (eorininal). The words 어린이날 is combination of two words which is (어린이) mean as children, and (날) mean of day. For your information children day is one of public holidays in Korea. Wahh, can you see how special it is?

a long time ago they celebrate the children day on 1 Mei but since its clash with Labour Day then they changed to 5May. Not just that, some info I got it before this they named the Children Day is Boy’s Day. So after they changed it’s become more harmonized. Do you think that too? Yalooo, if said boy days nanty people assume its only for boy and after become children day people won’t misunderstood right? ㅋㅋㅋ just joking. 

Not just that, the celebration of children day before countries is different. There is many day celebration for children. But only Japan & South Korea celebrate the children day on 5th May, annually. Others country such as Sudan, they celebrate the children day on  23 December.

Children day like heaven for kif because obviously they will get many new toys and freebies. During this time, normally their parents bring them to zoo or amusement park. Have very quality time with family laa. 😌😮☺ other than that, they is the ceremony which kid will playing the “Yut” – Korea Traditional game” and also havea taekwando demonstration.  

Yahh, anyway you guys can watch the special episodes running man for children day

Running Man – Happy Children Day Special Episodes

#childrensday #happychildrensday #어린이날 #子供の日こどものひ

#2 Parents Day, 8th May

In South Korea, Parent’s Day is annually held on May 8. The most popular things is giving out your parents a carnations flower. Parent’s day is combination day for both father and mother.

In korea, parents day pronounce as (어버이날 – eobeoinal) which means as parents day. Is a combination words of “어” from words (어머니 – eomeoni “mom”) , words “버” which is from (아버지-abeoji “dad”) “이” marker for object then “날” which means as day. 

South Korea is one of countries that celebrate a single Parent’s Dat rather than separate Mother’s Day & Father’s Day.  

The common action during parents day , is the children giving out their parents a carnations. Even in kindergarten teacher teach the kid how to make the carnations. And, also give another present too.

Dianthus caryophyllus, commonly known as carnations, flowers that symbolize Parents’ Day and are given to parents by children in celebrating Parents’ Day in

Their is various type of carnations. Most of carnations symbolized as love.

 *white carnations – pure love & good luck

*light red carnations – admiration

*dark red carnations – deep love and affection.

Source : teleflora – carnations meaning

#3 Married Couple Day , 21 May

Married Couple Day – 부부의날

Their is no specific celebration of this day. This day has been celebrate by married couple. 

부부의 날은 5월 21일이다. 여성가족부 주관으로 건전한 가족문화의 정착과 가족해체 예방을 위한 행사를 개최하는 대한민국의 기념일이다.” 

The couple ‘s day is May 21. It is the anniversary of the Republic of Korea hosting events for the settlement of a healthy family culture and the prevention of family disintegration under the supervision of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family” – source wiki 부부의날

Tempat menarik di Pyeongchang

Seperti yang kita semua tahu, Pyeongchang merupakan tempat dimana sukan olimpik musim sejuk akan diadakan. Bukan dengan itu sahaja, Pyeongchang jugak mempunyai tempat lawatan menarik yang boleh kita lawati. Pyeongchang merupakan daerah yang terletak di Gangwon, Korea Selatan. Pyeongchang ni kalau nak tahu dekat2 ngan korea utara haaa. Selalu kalau kita g korea g mana je? Itaewon? Gyeonggi-do? Myeongdong? Nami? Jeju? Busan? 

Soo apa kata kali ni jelajah Pyeongchang pulakkk..Pyeongchang ni merupakan bandar yang terletak dekat Gunung Taebaek dekat Gangwon.

**psstt macam familiar kann?  Taebaek ni tempat shoot Descendants of Sun yang Song Jongki lerr dekat korea taw bukan kat uruk*

Pyeongchang ke Seoul lebih kurang 180km. Sebabkan Pyeongchang ni bandar utama untuk sukan musim sejuk ni sebab tu nama dia Pyeongchang Winter Olympics 🙂

Untuk yang taktahu Pyeongchang ni ada slogan sendiri iaitu “Happy 700 Pyeongchang”

– kenapa slogan “Happy 700 Pyeongchang” ? Ni sebab ketinggian puratanya yang 700m buat majority orang rasa memang best untuk tinggal kat sini sebab cuaca dia, kawasannya yang harmoni. Selain tu gak dorang ada motto yang berkait dengan slogan ni iaitu tempat paling baik untuk kesihatan, rehat bersukan dan sebagainya sebab udara dia yang bersih taw. HAPPY 700 Pyeongchang the city of nature, health and longevity. Sesuaipah dengan positivity and ke-optimisan mereka.

Dekat Pyeongchang ni banyak tempat yang menarik yang belum kita terokai antaranya ialah YeongPyeong resort, Jeonggangwon, Samyang Ranch dan sebagainya.

1. Jeonggangwon – Korea Traditional Food Culture Experiences Center (정강원 – 한국전통 음식문화체험관)

Ni pintu masok Jeonggangwon – source KTO

Jeonggangwon ni sangat sesuai buat kita yang nak rasai sendiri cara nak sediakan makanan tradisional korea. Kalau nak tahu kat sini merupakan lokasi pengambaran drama Gourmet [2008] lakonan Kim Rae-won.

Drama gourmet poster

Selain itu jugak , banyak activity boleh dilakukan seperti buat sendiri makanan korea taw. Info seperti dibawah:

  • Kelas memasak makanan korea seperti : bibimbap (비빔밥),kimchi (김치), gochujang (고추장) dan pelbagai jenis makanan korea lagi. Jangan risau kelas ni muat untuk 10 orang keatas , so kalau datang by group boleh join class ni.
  • Boleh rasai tinggal dekat Hanok (하녹) rumah tradisional korea. Kawasan ni muat dalam lebih kurang 300 orang.
  • Parking? Jangan risau parking ada sampau boleh muat 10bas yang besor tuu.
  • Bayaran masok untuk pegi dekat Korea Traditional Food Culture Experiences Center ni cuma 3,000₩ bagi demasa dan 2,000₩ bagi kanak-kanak dan warga emas. Tikeet ni termasok untuk pegi dekat animal farm dengan muzium taw. In case kalau makan dekat sana sorang boleh dapat free tickets masok tawww.
  • Dannn dia ada hall untuk try pakaian tradisional Korea iaitu hanbok (한복) dan bayaran cuma 8,000₩
  • Selain tu kalau tanak main masak-masak boleh pegi tengok environment kuar pegi taman ke animal farm ke.

Dan yeahh akhir sekali kalau ada sebarang pertanyaan boleh call hotline 1330 /+82-2-1330 dan refer jeonggangwon official website

Participants can learn how to cook korean traditional food

2. Yeongpyeong Resort (용평리조트)

Yongpyeong resort terletak di Yongpyeong, Gangwon. Dalam resort ni ada ski tapi dia selalunya operates masa musim ski dari pertengahan November hingga awal April. Resort ni antara ski resort yang terpanjang dekay korea.Tahunan salji dalam 250cm yang mana memang lengkap utk ski resort. Yongpyeong ni dari Seoul hanya 215km je lebih kurang 2jam kalau lalu yeongdong expressway. 

Special attraction yang ada kat resort ni macam Dragon plaza, golf course, water park-peak island, ski resort dan sebagainya.

Paling femes katsitu Yongpyeong ski resort ni ada gondola, tempat ski dan sebagainya. 

Yongpyeong ski resort – gondola
Yongpyeong ski resort

Yongpyeong ski resort ni normally bukak masa Nov. Untuk maklumat masa operasi  boleh refer website. 

Apa-apa pertanyaan boleh refer Yongpyeong official website or call 1330/ +82-2-1330/ 

Thai Film Festival in Malaysia 2017

Opening ceremony – 19/04/2017

From 20-26 April 2017 you can watch this latest 5 Thai movie in 3 participates cinema in  Malaysia which is GSC 1 UTAMA, GSC MIDVALLEY and GSC PAVILION with no cost except your transport or food cost la…
Total 5 movie you can watch which is A gift, Mr Hurt, Take Me Home, One day, and The Crown.  


The ticket basically free.. so how to get it? Refers on the step below. 

Free Ticket Redemption

Tickets to Thai Film Festival in Malaysia 2017 will be screened for FREE, courtesy of Royal Thai Embassy to Malaysia.

To redeem the free tickets, just present a printout or take a snapshot of any Thai Film Festival in Malaysia 2017 articles in any publication, online postings or GSC digital channels and you will be get two (2) complimentary tickets at GSC Pavilion KL, GSC Mid Valley or GSC 1Utama ticketing counters .

Terms & Conditions:

* Free Screenings for Thai Film Festival in Malaysia 2017 titles – “A Gift”, “Mr Hurt”, “One Day”, “The Crown” & “Take Me Home” as per links,,

is limited for the Thai Film Festival in Malaysia 2017 period (April 20 – 26 April 2017) in GSC Pavilion KL , GSC Mid Valley and GSC 1 Utama only.

* Just show anyPrintout or snapshot at participating GSC ticket counter in order to redeem the Thai Film Festival in Malaysia 2017 tickets

* Redemption starts from Tues April 18, 2017 onwards.

* Redemption will be on a First-come, first-served basis while tickets last.

* For more information, visit or

Thai Film Festival in Malaysia
GSC Cinema
————— ——————

Find out the trailers.

A gift | Thai Movie
One Day | Thai Movie
 Mr Hurt | Thai Movie
The Crown | Thai Movie
Take Me Home | Thai Horror Film

Yesterday (19.04.2017) was the opening ceremony for Thai Film Festival in Malaysia. I’m so happy because got this chance to meet one of my favorite cast. Special thanks to Thai Embassy for organize this events. Looking forward for many events that open to public. Even was started by speech from Mr Ambassador, H.E Damrong Kraikuan and ending by performance by Ms Note and interview session with her then directly to screening session.

Don’t forget to grab your ticket to watch this top 5 thai film.


Wefie with Mr Director, Ms Linn & Ms Note

Thai Film Festival – Time Screening

Bagaimana mahu ke Pyeongchang, Gangwon?


Yeah sape je taktahu korea! Korea ni kire hotspot utk pelancong nak pegi sana taw. Macam goreng pisang panas. Mesti ada nye korea ni dekat wishlist korang!

Yaa, to be honest I nie takpernah jejak lagi sana inshallah tahun ni. Tapi dalam otak ni memang nak pergi Gangwon-do. 

Yeah selalunya orang kalau orang pergi Korea tenpat selalu pegi Myeongdong, Nami Island mostly dekat2 area Seoul, Busan and Jeju. Jeju pon baru-baru terkenal.

Maybe apa I nak share ni takseberapa it this is info yang I collect and do some research by myself, friends experience and also from KTO website sendiri.

Sebenarnya Nami Island tu dah kira dalam Gangwon-do orang banyak taktahu. Dekat gangwon ni kat tempat untuk sukan olimpik musim sejuk nanty tapi tempat ni menang banyak tempat menarik taw.Sebelum nak cerita apa best kat Gangwon, nak cerita sikit gangwon ni antara daerah dekat korea gak.

Ha macam mana nak pergi Gangwon. Actually tak susah pon, banyak option sebenarnya. Boleh guna pengangkutan darat ke udara ke haa.

1) Guna kapal terbang

First option nak pergi Gangwon atau Pyeongchang ni boleh naik flight. Dia ada dua airport yang dekat iaitu Yangyang dengan Wonju Airport. Yangyang airport ni takbanyak flight boleh sampai situ. Airport tak besar macam incheon. 

*Busan Airport – Yangyang Airport

Kalau nak turun dekat Yangyang airport boleh ambik flight dari Gimhae International Airport (Busan). Dalam sejam lebih. Tapi tak suggest lah pegi dekat Yangyang airport buat masa ni sebab susah nak dapat detail. Airlines yang ada pon Korea Express. Rasanya ticket ni boleh beli kat kaunter kat sana sebab tak jumpa option book online.

Gimhae International Airport (Busan) to YangYang Airport. Tapi taksure boleh check kat mana ni.

* Busan / Jeju Airport- Wonju Airport

Haa ni pon airport terdekat dengan Pyeongchang. Boleh ambik flight dari busan tapi kena transitlah dekat jeju sebab kalau nak direct flight hanya ada dekat Jeju je sehari satu flight. 

Ni dari Jeju pegi Wonju Airport. Wonju ni airport terdekat dengan Pyeongchang gak. Sehari ada satu je flight

Kalau kita ni dari Malaysia saja nak travel lama2 suka lay down lama2 boleh je try ni. 

Kalau rasa nak book terus dari Kuala Lumpur to Wonju Airport ,haa boleh je tapi layover lama gilaa
Haa banyak kan transit. Total ticket flight ni paling murah tengok haritu dalam RM3000 lebih. Tak salah nak cuba. Sumber : skyscanner

2) Lalu highways/Expressway(self-driver)

Haa untuk kemudahan pelancong dorang ni da siapkan dua Expressway iaitu :

~ Yeongdong Expressway Route 1 ni dari Incheon Airport ke Pyeongchang ambik masa 2jam 40 minit

~ Yeongdon Expressway Route 2 ni dari Incheon Airport ke Gangneung hanya 2jam 50minit *** ala macam KL ke Tangkak gituu.. ha yeke pepandai je…

Ada gak Expressway lain iaitu :

~ East Hongcheon Expressway ni dari East Hongcheon ke Yangyang. Yang ni masih dalam construction. Highways ni kire paling dekat untuk Pyeongchang-Gangneung.

Boleh sewa kereta and drive. Makesure da valid international driving license okay. Dunn worry bas pon ada haa bus kan murah sikit.

Haaa, malas nak drive? Tapi nak guna public transport yang lalu tempat2 best nii ha. Kalau naik tren ni jangkamasa nak sampai kalau dari:

Incheon Airport : Gangneung hanya 108 minit sahaja. Haa taksampai 2 jam

Incheon Airport – Jinbu : Hanya dalam 93 minit sahaja.

Nakk keretapi laju? Don’t worry laaa KTX (Korea Train Express) ni memang laju hanya 70 minit sahaja dari Seoul ke Gangneung.tapi KTX still progressing so memang taksiap.
Lassst choice boleh naik bas.

4) Bus

Credit : Incheon guide

Kalau nak pegi Gangwon ni boleh guna bas:

  • intercity bus macam bus kl-jb, kl-alor setar dan sebagainya , bas express ni boleh ambik dekat Dong-Seoul terminal bus express
  •  kalau risau sangat boleh guna shuttle bus/tour bus yang disediakan oleh korea tourism under Gangwon Provinces lah. Paling best ada shuttle bus (Chuncheon city tour, K-Gangwon Shuttle 2D 1N, dan Go!Go! Gangwon Shuttle Bus **yang ni depends pada festival yang ada** shuttle bust/city tour bas ni termasuk dalam kupon diskaun DKYW2017/18 ni. dia masok dalam Gangwon punya special diskaun.   Nak dapat kupon ni kenalah buat survey dulu dekat DKYW 2017 – Survey tapi makesure jadi kaki korea members dulu taw and it’s free.


#1 Incheon – Gangneung

 ni ada dua option iaitu Bas yang turun Gangneung dengan bas yang direct pegi Alpensia Resort (Purple bus).
Basically bus Gangneung ni departure 3 times dari Incheon Airport tuu. Gangneung bus ni operated by Gyeonggi Express ada dekat Incheon Airport tuu. 

Nak tahu pasal Gangneung dengan Purple bus ni boleh refer dekat sini. Incheon guide

The Republic of Korea Aerobatics Team – Black Eagles

Black Eagles is the 53rd air demonstration/aerobatics teams of Republic of Air Force, Republic of Korea. They came from Wonju which is located in Gangwon Provinces.

Black Eagles is the only team that operate with 8 home born supersonic trainers thay specially for Air demonstration! With using the aircraft KAI T50B Golden Eagles they have performs various style of airshow and they well-known with they teamwork, value and also spirit. 

History of Black Eagles ✈�

1953 – Introduction of Aerobatics Team Flight with F-51 Mustang

1962- Formed an official team, “BLUE SABRE” With F-86

1967- Establishment of Black Eagles with F-5 Freedom Fighter

1978- Tentative Dismiss

1994 – Resume of Black Eagles Aerobatics Display with A-37 Dragon Fly

2007- Black Eagles T/F (Conversion Aircraft to T-50B)

2009- Establishment of the 239th Aerobatics Squardon (Black Eagle) with T-50B

2011- Initialization of 10 T-50B (8-ship flying display team)

2012 – Their start participates in various of worldwide airshow

* UK International Airshow

* Waddington International Airshow

* Royal International Air Tattoo

* Farnborough International Airshow 

* Won “Boeing Trophy Award” in Waddington International Airshow “The King Hussein’s Sword” & the “As the Crow Flies Award”- RIAT

2013 – Structural Change – the 239th Squardon to the 53rd Air Demonstration Group

2014 & 2016 – Participates in Singapore airshow

2017 – Participates in LIMA’17 (the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition)

The Pilots

Black Eagles “Pilots”
High Show that they performs

On 29th March 2017 they have return back to korea but they flypass thru KLCC to show their appreciation to Malaysia because of the warm welcoming since they in LIMA’17.

You guy can catchup their performances on theirs pages :

Black Eagles Officials Facebook

Officials Instagram Black Eagles 

Yeahh, please enjoyed the video 🎥 and picture 📷

170328 Black Eagles flypass thru KLCC

P/s: Please take full credit if you share this picture/video

170325 – Black Eagles in #LIMA17
170325 – Black Eagles “Rainfall performances” on LIMA17
Rainfall performances @ LIMA17

Olympics Test Event – Ice Hockey

Haii guyss! 

Apa khabar korang semua? Sorry sebab lama tak update sebab kite punya internet connection teruk sangat rasa menyampah sangat tu yang susah nak update.


Okay kali ni kite nak cerita Pasal Olympics test events. Atau namanya Majlis Percubaan untuk olimpik musim sejuk ni! Sebenarnya majlis ni dah bermula pada November 2016 lagi aritu.

Test event ni  diaorang bukak untuk bagi peluang dekat para atlet ni supaya boleh main dekat korea ni lepastu nanti lama-lama atlet ni tau la dekat mana tempat tu tempat ni. Dan kirenya macam untuk dekatkan silaturrahim laa gitu.

Masa November tu dia bermula dengan FIS SNOWBOARDING BIF AIR WORLD CUP 2017 dekat Pyeongchang pada 25 dan 26 November 2016.

Lepastu, dia sambung pulak test event ni dengan 2016/2017 ISU WORLD CUP SHORT TRACK SPEED SKATING dekat Gangneung pada 12-18 December 2016.

Haaaa lepastu dorang start balik pada February 2017 dan akan berakhir para 23 April ni *birthday kitee uww haha saja mention.   



Untuk bulan April ni merupakan bulan terakhir untuk Olympics test game ni! So sape yang travel dalam bulan ni haa boleh sempat lagi pegi tengok test game ni dekat Pyeongchang.

So kategori yang untuk Test Event bagi Ice Hockey ni ada 3 sebenarnya. Untul ketiga-tiga kategori bagi permainan Ice Hockey ni, tempat dia adalah Gangneung haa korang boleh check tempat dia di Gangneung Hockey Center.

* 2017 IHF Ice Hockey U18 World Championship Div.II – Group A 

* 2017 IHF Ice Hockey Women’s World Championship Div.II – Group A

Untuk kedua-dua game ni telah habis pada 8 April yang lalu.

Tapi, korang boleh tengok yang Paralympic yang akan bermula ada 15 April sehingga 23 April 2017 ini.2017 IHF Ice Sledge Hockey World Championship A-Pool.Yang ni Ice hockey tapi kategori untuk Paralympic.

Untuk ticketing nak masuk dekat Olympics test event ni bolehlah refer dekat 👇

official Pyeongchang test events website

Pyeongchang Olympics Test Event – Ice Hockey

Arirang – Pyeongchang Olympics Test Event


” Smurfs: The Lost Village is a 2017 American3D computer-animated adventure fantasy comedy film produced by Sony Pictures Animation and animated by Sony Pictures Imageworks.[1] It is based on The Smurfscomic book series created by the Belgiancomics artist Peyo and is a reboot film, unrelated to Sony’s previous films live-action/animated films. Written by Stacey Harman and Pamela Ribon, it was directed byKelly Asbury.[1]

The film stars Demi Lovato as Smurfette,Mandy Patinkin as Papa SmurfJoe Manganiello as Hefty SmurfJack McBrayeras Clumsy SmurfDanny Pudi as Brainy Smurf and Rainn Wilson as Gargamel. In the story, a mysterious map prompts Smurfette, Brainy, Clumsy, and Hefty to find a lost village, inhabited by SmurfStorm (voiced byMichelle Rodriguez), SmurfBlossom (Ellie Kemper), SmurfLily (Ariel Winter) and SmurfWillow (Julia Roberts) before Gargamel does.[1] The film is set for an April 7, 2017 release.




Saya berterima kasih sangat dekat #budiey untuk #premierdenganbudiey untuk harini!


MASA : 5th April 2017 / 9PMo

Smurf:The lost villages menceritakan tentang perkampungan smurf (smurf lelaki), ketuanya Papa Smurf. So dalam kampung tu adalah seorang perempuan iaitu Smurfette. Smurfette ni bukan smurf yg original dia ni dicipta oleh ahli sihir yang jahat iaitu Gargamel tapi Papa Smurf dah tukarkan dia!


Nak tau lebih lanjut tengoklah dekat pawagam seluruh Malaysia berdekatan anda!

Seriously, cerita ni best gile. 

Boleh bawak whole family mai tengok! Part ending memang best menangis saya! Sebab value kasih sayang! Awwww. Memang kita menangiss taw korang.😭🤡

Untuk Malaysia, esok(6th April 2017) akan mula ditayangkan! Jomm, pegi panggung.

Haaa, lagi satu setiap hari khamis-sabtu boleh dapat dengan harga RM8 per movie! Cara dia sign-up as GSC CINEMA member’s dan buat payment guna visa checkout!!

So ada gambar ni jenguk-jenguklah! Nak taw best tak haa tengok trailer dekat lik ni. Ost dia pon best!

With love,


Trailer Smurf : The Lost Villages

Smurf ni korang boleh tengok dekat area Pavilion yang dekat laluan area Bonia (Pavillion Elite)

Yang ni pon boleh jumpe dekat area luar Pavilion yang menghala ke KLCC

Popcorn biru tu memang best! Harap ada jual nanty!

Masa ni brother ni tengah buat Q&A session
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