D-30 Get Pyeongcheong Fever with KTO KL

In conjunction with D-30 countdown to PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games, Korea Tourism
=Organization (KTO) Malaysia and Gangwon Province organize event titled “Hello PyeongChang” for 11-13 Jan 2018 in Korea Plaza
Kuala Lumpur (Korea Plaza, Ground Floor, Menara Hap Seng, Jalan P. Ramlee, 50250 KL).
During the event, there will be fringe events as “Take a photograph with Soohorang & Bandabi”, “Wish for Successful Olympic and
Malaysiaboleh @ PyeongChang”, “Hit! 20180209 and Win Soohorang & Bandabi” and “Play Mini Ice hockey & Curling Game whereby featuring the mascots of Olympic and Paralympic, Soohorang and Bandabi. Soohorang is a white tiger, an animal closely related to Korean mythology, and is a symbol of trust, strength, and protection. Bandabi is an Asiatic black bear, symbolic of strong
will and courage. “Now we are at the last stage.” stated Mr. Lee, Managing Director of KTO Malaysia. “Over the past many years – especially last year, KTO has been pushing Olympic destinations very hard. Thanks to the excellent job by everyone, we can see the great outcome and more chance for future business in Malaysia. 2017 was such a dynamic and meaningful year to KTO Malaysia that we launched Wow! PyeongChang Malaysia Supporters then discovered hidden gems in Olympic cities as well as Malaysian athletes joining Winter Olympic Games to our surprise! And before 2017 passed us by, KTX Wonju Gangneung line finally started
operation so our first initiative we set in February to rediscover Korea has come even closer to the reality.

In addition, there will be a special seminar entitled Christmas in March for free and easy tourists who are planning to visit Korea on 13 January. Christmas in March is the Hallyu and Ski event specially designed by Korea Tourism Organization and Gangwon province to commemorate PyeongChang 2018 Winter Paralympic Games together.
“We would like to highlight that Winter still goes on in March in Gangwon province so Malaysian tourists can still grab the last
chance to feel the Winter vibe. Gangwon province is motivated for creating a special gift for South East Asian market to discover more splendid wintry view in Gangwon together with Hallyu cultural program as K-pop concert, Talk show with a cast from 《Guardian, the lonely and great God》and EDM festival. We hope Malaysian tourists to find this global festival to watch
PyeongChang 2018 Paralympics to feel the passion of athletes who overcome the challenge and enjoy fringe events as well as ski festival to savour the Winter till the end. Last but not least, Gangwon province will roll out the marketing plan under the theme of Olympic legacy and this Christmas in March will repeat every year as Gangwon’s trademark.” stated Ms. Nuri Kim, Gangwon Tourism Marketing Manager.


dont forget to come over if you near bukit bintang to show your supports to Julian Yee… and get excited to winter olympics. you can enjoying the mini game.. see you there



My 1st Fan Gathering with Bogummiesss

In the mark of 1st Anniversary since the Actor, Park Bogum coming to Malaysia for his fanmeeting. The fanclub from malaysia called as Bogumdotmy  organized this only-fans gathering on last Saturday 10th December 2017. This is my 1st time to attend the fans-gathering. With the overwhelmed love from this bogummies family finally i also attend this events. Started at 3PM in Teratak, Glo Damansara we got the delicious hi-tea and sharing session with others. Highlight of this events, the special guest Ms Ellen the interpreter during Bogum Fanmeeting in Malaysia last year sharing her experiences and thoughts about Bogum. As expected bogum was so nice that why he have lot of fans!





Its very wonderful and amazing moment that i had! plusss that time i be so lucky cause i won that lucky draw ^^

Thai National Day Reception

Last week, on 5th December 2017 i was invited by Thai Trend Malaysia FB page to join this awesome reception about Thai National Day in Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur. I am so excited i can meet many people but at same time its really awkward moments because this is like the ceremony that always attend by the officials or few like vvip.


For your information, on the 5th December every year the will celebrate the His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s Birthday Anniversary and also Thailand Father’s Day.

Some nice story about His Majesty  the late King Bhumibol Birthday is:

  • Known as Rama IX, he reigned Thailand since 9 June 1946 until his death on 13 October 2016, making him the longest-reigning monarch ever in Thailand’s history.
  • Despite being a constitutional monarch, and not legally being allowed a role in politics, Bhumibol made several decisive interventions in the Thai political sphere and has been credited with helping facilitate Thailand’s transition to democracy in the 1990s.
  • The holiday itself is a colourful affair. Buildings across Thailand will display flags, bunting and portraits of the late King, while around the Grand Palace area of Bangkok, the streets are decorated with thousands of marigolds.
  • Marigolds are chosen for their colour, as yellow is the predominant colour of the celebrations; as the King was born on a Monday and in Thailand, yellow is the colour for Monday.
  • In the evening, the streets around Ratchadamnoen and Sanam Luang are closed to traffic and many people come to watch celebratory fireworks displays.

At this event i got experienced the taste of Thailand. There is various delicious Thai food that i really enjoyed it! since i Love to eat! just look at their food. omgggg! especially mango with sticky rice its reallly tastyyyy !!!



Find your Passion with Dream Program

Dream Program: Explore Frontier of Winter Sports

dream pyeongchang korea

What is Dream Program?

  • The Dream Programme is initiated to introduce winter sports to young people who otherwise would not have the opportunity to experience winter weather and winter sports. The Dream Programme was launched by PyeongChang in 2004 as part of its bid for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Since then, 1,574 youths (105 with disabilities) coming from 75 countries have participated in this programme, which is usually organized for 10 days between January and February.
    The Dream Programme provides youths aged 11 to 15 with the opportunity to train in skiing and ice sports. In particular, youths who have limited access to winter weather or winter sports, or those who have potential to excel in winter sports, are invited to PyeongChang. The programme has also helped foster closer ties among nations and enriched the participants through cultural exchange.
    Key stakeholders such as the IOC, winter International Federations such as FIS and ISU, the foreign media and NOCs have lauded the Dream Programme as an excellent initiative that has contributed to the Olympic Movement.It has helped to expand winter sports, promote friendship among youths, and contributed to peace around the world. Since 2011, the second phase of the Dream Programme, called ‘New Dream Programme’, has been in operation. Under the New Dream Programme, there will be an increase in opportunities for the youths, including those with disabilities, to experience winter sports in PyeongChang. In 2012, the Dream Programme was also expanded to serve as an academy for winter sports.
    An application is distributed and received by Korean Embassy through the process of consultation with the Nation Olympic Committee (NOC) of the country concerned. Each NOC recommends participants among promising players of 11-15 years old in it’s country After reviewing of the application, participants are finally confirmed by Gangwon Province. its really nice programme especially to non-winter country to experiences this winter-only game.

Guess what you can get only with Dream Program?


1. Training professionals of a winter sports conducting: Winter Sports Academy

  • Exchanging theory & practical training and guidance method about sports on snow (Skiing and Snowboarding) and sports on ice (Figure skating and Short track speed skating).
  • Participated coachers will help for promising players of their own countries through guidance methods and
    practical training methods.
  • Player will understand better about winter sports and improve their skills.

2. Contributing to friendship and international sports exchange among nations of the world.

  • Tour of Gangwon Province Culture, Seoul Tour.
  • Experience Korea, Recreation (Dream lounge, Social party, water play).
  • Tour of PyeongChang winter olympic sports facilities and experience winter sports

****and who’s know its might inspired you to become an athletes?

Participation Process

Wondering who to participate? yess. you should refer to the korean embassy in your country. since it is dream program? yappss. only kid in young age can apply.

An application is distributed and received by Korean Embassy through the process of consultation with the Nation Olympic Committee (NOC) of the country concerned.
Each NOC recommends participants among promising players of 11~15 years old in it’s country After reviewing of the application, participants are finally confirmed by Gangwon Province.

Can i become an athletes if i joined the dream program?

yes. dear my fellow Malaysian friends, one of our athletes (Julian Yee Zhi-Jie) was inspired to became athletes because of Dream Programs. and for your information he is the first ever Malaysian that will represent Malaysia for 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang for figure skating.

Julian Yee Zhi-Jie (Malaysia Figure Skate Athletes)

Julian Yee Zhi-Jie (Chinese: 茹自杰; born 26 May 1997) is a Malaysian figure skater. He is a five-time Malaysian senior national champion (2013–2017) and has competed in the final segment at seven ISU Championships, including two World Championships. Yee began learning to skate at age four at the Sunway Pyramid Ice Rink in Malaysia. He and his brothers were introduced to skating by their mother, Irene. In 2011, he became the youngest skater to win the Junior Men’s category, at age 13 years 10 months, thereby breaking the previous record held by his brother, Ryan Yee Zhi-Jwen.
In 2014, Yee became the first Malaysian to reach the free skate at a Four Continents Championships. One of the youngest skaters at the event, held in Taipei City from 20–25 January 2014, he qualified for the free skate and finished 23rd overall. At the 2014 Malaysian Open National Championship, Yee held the lead after the short program
and defended his title to become only the second Malaysian skater to win the Senior Men’s title in consecutive years.
Yee finished 15th overall at the 2017 Four Continents Championships in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and then went directly to Sapporo, Japan to compete at his first Asian Winter Games; he placed 8th with a new personal best of 222.69 points.
In August 2017, Yee won gold at the 2017 Southeast Asian Games. During the Nebelhorn Trophy, which was the qualifying event, the 2017 SEA Games gold medallist garnered a score of 71.93 points in his short programme. His free skate routine, where he was placed third, gave him the points needed (148.74) to place in the top seven to qualify for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

Lets read what that he said.

Yee stated, “I was selected by my National Ice Skating Association (Ice Skating Association Of Malaysia) to participate in the 2009 Korean Dream Program in PyeongChang. I was very inspired with the fact that PyeongChang may be an Olympic Venue in the future and that I had the opportunity to learn more about figure skating at the Korean Dream Program.
With this Dream Program, it had also made me realise that the Winter Olympics is a very important and prestigious event. Making me want to be there some day.
8 years later, it is truly and honour and an achievement to be able to qualify and participate at the 2018 Winter Olympics PyeongChang, the very same venue as the Korean Dream Program.”.

Credit : Julian Yee Instagram


Tsao Chih-I (曹志禕) Figure Skate | Taiwan

Tsao Chih-I (Chinese: 曹志禕; born October 6, 1997) is a Taiwanese figure skater. He is the 2016 National Champion. He has qualified to the final segment at five World Junior Championships and four Four Continents Championships. His story was quoted by President Moon’s speech in Metropolitan in New York.

Tsao Chih-I Instagram

On 21 Sep 2017, President Moon Jae In, an honorary ambassador of 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games attended a promotional event for the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art and seek the international community’s backing for a successful hosting of South Korea’s first Winter Olympics.
“PyeongChang has given the chance of Winter sports to teenagers from warm countries for a long time. Thanks to the effort, 1,500 over teenagers from 75 countries have visited PyeongChang and made great friendships.” For the part of his speech, President Moon talked about Dream Program.

“I would like to share the story of Tsao Chih-I from Taiwan. He experienced Winter in Pyeongchang for the first time in his life when he was 10 then he fell in love with figure skate. Now he is the new rising figure skater, ranked 13th in the world. Tsao Chih-I called his visit to Pyeongchang as the turning point of his life. I believe this valuable program
should stay as legacy of Pyeongchang and lead to the tradition of Winter Olympic, how do you think?”- President Moon

maxresdefault (1)
President Moon – credit Arirang Tv

On the special note to his speech, he added on his goal to make peaceful Olympic event with North Korea’s participation. “We would like to take a big step to the difficult but valuable challenge. Tension between North Korea and South Korea is arising at the moment thus we need to make more gestures of good will. Olympic will be the
greatest chance to spread the message of peace and reconciliation to the world. We will try our best together with IOC to the last. Kindly give us your interest and support.”

credit : The Blue House – Korea Facebook

Happy Pyeongchang With New Way KTX “Airplane on the railway” 

letss travel in korea with ktx! Saver, convenient and faster!

Korea train express

Sorry for such long time no updating! Too many thought too many things that I need to faced. But still I very thankful to all of people who still read my 2 cent blog! 정말감사합니다~🙏

Did you guys remember that time (on my early post about Pyeongchang, the alternative to go there?) I have mention about ktx before. Remember? Yessss! Finally the time has come. In the marked of D-100 yesss….

Korea train express (ktx)

And now finally we can start use the ktx from🚊 Incheon International Airport Station  (Not Seoul Station bcs the railway started from Incheon Airport Station) straight away to Pyeongchang/Gangneung! Did you feel excited as I do? Yessssss … you should.
Errrrrrkkk. I still clueless. What is KTX? Yess dear. For those who still wondering what and who is KTX. Yup let me tell you a few info about ktx. Have you watch Train To Busan? Remember the scenes when our Goblin Ahjusshi fight with Zombies👻� inside the train? The onspeed inside the train? Yess.

Train to busan in ktx

That was ktx. The most fastest train and with zero accident was called as KTX stands for Korea Train eXpress.

Korea high-speed rail

Korea Train eXpress (KTX) is South Korea’s high-speed rail system, operated by Korail. KTX operates from Incheon International Airport with stops at Seoul Station and Yongsan Station towards Busan and Gwangju. A new terminal in Seoul’s Gangnam District is under construction at Suseo Station which is scheduled to open in 2016 along with intermediate stations in New Dongtan City and Seoul Subway Line 1’s Jije Station in Pyeongtaek. A new line from Wonju to Gangneung is to be operated officially from December 2017 to serve the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang⛄

Some interesting info about ktx :

~ for the new line/routes Gyeonggangseon in Wonju to Gangneung line its about 120.7km and than the construction only took 1 years and 7 months.

• there is 34 tunnels and 53 bridges were newly constructed. One of the tunnels, Daegwallyeong tunnel in PyeongChang is the longest tunnel in Korea with length of 21.7km.

• The maximum speed of KTX is about 250km/h and so travelling time between ICN-Gangneung (275km) will be 5 hours reduced compared to Mugunghwaho train service.

• and for you information the train already finished and the  KORAIL has run the testing operation from July and the official service will be starting from mid December 2017. So we will start using ktx to Pyeongchang next month!

With ktx, you can easily travel to Pyeongchang country not like before. Discover new Pyeongchang with KTX. If before you need to transit many train bring your luggage from Incheon Airport transit to others subway station and need to go Dong-Seoul Bus Terminal if you want go Pyeongchang. And now no need to that because straight away from Incheon Airport you can go to the Pyeongchang!!👏👏

* psst, for my Malaysian friends did you know our government planning to  open high-speed train services from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. Which we can easily travel from KL > SG🚄 within 3hours? Yesss. KTX was one of bidder for this HSR project and I sincerely rooting for them. You can checkout my Instagram post about ktx here.ktx in Malaysia

Pyeongchang Korail Passes

” More than that, in conjunction of opening of the new ktx routes. The ktx itself and Korea Tourism Organizations(KTO) have launched special passes for Pyeongchang & Gangneung up too 5 and 7 days. Its called as “PyeongChang KORAIL PASS with KORAIL” If you planning go around Korea using ktx?

Yess you should consider umm not consider buy you should buy the pass. Its is because the its more saving. You can use ktx or any korail UNLIMITED~ you can checkout the price of train and do calculation by yourself. This fare only to Pyeongchang and Gangneung. If you don’t buy the pass the amount you spent is bigger~ and yeahhh with this pass you can use the train UNLIMITED.

Pyeongchang korail pass 5/7day

If before ktx have like per trip, a day pass and few day pass. And now with the new pass you can enjoyed travel around korea with ktx including Pyeongchang & Gangneung~

ktx single journey from Incheon>Jinbu (Pyeongchang) or Gangneung

The special promotion pass. Isn’t it more saving for you? Especially when you came with more than 4person you can enjoyed the savers because its more saving! You can start buy the Special Pyeongchang Korail Pass till this 31st January 2018~ and can start using the pass from 1st February – 25th March 2018

Wondering how to buy the pass?

Yessss you can own this pass easy peasyyy. Easy step as A,B,C and 123 sp here we go!

1. Visit Korail-Pyeongchang

You can start log-in into this page then click the reservation. Ohh yeah. The more you book yes you are entitles buy saver type (more to 3 people)…

easy step to buy the pyeongchang korail pass watchout this video tutorial by korea tourism organization Pyeongchang korail pass video tutorial


New ktx station in Gangwon-do

In conjuction of Pyeongchang 2018 winter olympics yess they already build new station for traveler for make sure that we can go easily to pyeongchang for watching the game! there is total of 4 new station that already completed and can be use within this month. lets take a look!

1. Dunnae Station

Dunnae Station
Dunnae station in Japogok-ri

This station was located at Japogok-ri, Dunnae-myeon, Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do. Its very near to the Welli Hill Resort , Phoenix Park and Hanwoo/Hanu (Korean Beef BBQ town).

2. Jinbu station

Jinbu Station
Jinbu Station

The Jinbu (Odesan) station is located in Songjeongri, Jinbu-myeon in Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do. This station was near to the Alpensia ski resort and if you wish to see the ski games during 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games. yeahh you can stop at this station.

3. Pyeongchang station

Pyeongchang station

This pyeongchang station is located at Jaesan-ri,Yongpyeong-myeon, PyeongChang-gun, Gangwon-do. This places was very closer (about 10km away) to the Bongpyong-myeon in whichbuckwheat flower field (one of filming location for drama ‘Goblin” and Lee Hyo Seok Cultural Hall, the writer of  When Buckwheat Flowers Bloom. lee hyo seok

4. Gangneung Station

Gangneung Station

Gangneung Station is located at 176, Yongji-ro,Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do. Passengers are to take the shuttle bus to move to Gangneung Olympic Park during 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games.


wondering how to go around pyeongchang and gangneung alone without any guides. yes! this part is really important for you if you wish to go alone. shouldn’t worry bcs pyeongchang have various beautiful places that you can pampers and enjoying yourself. here is the suggestion itinerary and courses that i would like to share with all of you. this courses was introduced by their city bus tour name as Happy 700 package tour & shuttle bus. currently they only offers 3 courses but all this courses will start on 1st feb 2018.

shuttle and tour bus in Pyeongchang

For me i would like to suggest you to go on HAPPY 700 Package Tour Bus its only cost around 15,000KRW (MYR 56-60) per person, but i think if you came with many friend maybe you will get the discount. and its cover full day 9 hour and 20 minutes. and i thinks its affordable.


i was so in love with pyeongchang so pyeongchang is the most country that i really wanna visit. this courses really special because you can enjoyed the cultural & nature. from incheon you can go straight away to Jinbu station by using ktx and the later you can take the city tour bus at Jinbu Station then go to the sky ranch located in Daegwallyeong which you can enjoyed the scenery. for you information one of episode of bromances – sungjae btob with youngmin (boyfriend) and his twin take place shooting there. you can watch from youtube Bromances – Yook Sungjae  .  meanwhile in Jeonggangwon, you can enjoyed the experience and the taste of korean traditional food such as making bibimbap. i am the big fans of bibimbap and i surely will recommend this courses to youguys. and you will never regret. then in hyesok memorial hall you can see the statues of hyeseok.lee hyo seok   .  a great experinces which you can enjoyed the cultural tour with beautiful scenery.

while get chance go to the Daegwallyeong skyranch do not miss the chance to see the Daegwallyeong Snow Festival  . You can go there by the courses #3 cost only 2,500 KRW(MYR12). this annual festival during winter time so let see the location & get the experiences the hottest snow festival in korea. this festival normally started in early February for more info about this festival you may visit KTO – Snow festival 


Daegwallyeong Snow Festival

Daegwallyeong Snow Festival (7 Feb – 22 Feb 2018 *subject to
The Daegwallyeong Snow Festival is held in the Hoenggye-ri area,
which is located in Daegwanryeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun,
Gangwon-do. The festival starts with a fireworks display, followed by
various programs such as a singing contest, an international naked
marathon contest, a singing contest for multicultural families, a climbing
competition, snow art contests, a snow literature event, etc.
► Location: Pyeongchang Hoenggye-ri area
► Main programs: Snow sculpture contest/Sledding/Bobsleigh-riding *pstt this chance to experiences the winter game^^

More info about Pyeongchang korail pass?

#1 for reservation : Pyeongchang korail pass – reservation

#2  for more info : pyeongchang korail pass

Additional benefits of PyeongChang Korail Pass

– Free admission to city tour buses in Seoul, Busan, Jeju, Incheon, Gyeongju, and Daegu.

Lets all your passion get connected in Pyeongchang.

Ski festival in Gangwon

Gangwon the most suitable places to enjoying the skiing! So for this winter season they will have the festival.

So get ready for this festival.there is 3 festival that you should checkout!

1) VIVA SKI FESTIVAL @ Damyung Vivaldi ParkDaemyung VIVALDI PARK is a four seasons leisure complex having water themed park, golf club and horse riding club as well. Along with a good accessibility from Seoul area, many visitors continuously find Daemyung VIVALDI PARK. Since its launch in 2015, VIVALDI PARK collaborated Ski with K-food and the following year Ski with K-culture. The package includes All-Day-Pass with in depth basic ski lessons. For Muslim Travellers, Prayer room can be provided and also halal certified restaurants can be found inside VIVALDI PARK.

Other than ski, participants can choose to go to Jjimjilbang (Korean Sauna), Indoor waterpark, Outdoor Hotspring or even horse riding! So no need to worry in case you got afraid of skiing after trying once.


• Organized by: Daemyung Vivaldi Park

• Sponsored by: Korea Tourism Organization and Gangwon Province

• 17/18 Season Schedule

Batch ❶ 11 Dec – 13 Dec, 2017

Batch ❷ 13 Dec – 15 Dec, 2017

Batch ❸18 Dec – 20 Dec, 2017

• Festival Program ( tentative program)

Day ❶ Registration, Ski Lesson #1, Cooking Class, Ski or Korea Traditional Hand Craft, Night Food Delivery

Day ❷ Ski Lesson #2, Ski or Water Park or Horse Riding, Hanbok Wearing Experience, Gala Dinner

Day ❸ Ski or Water Park or Horse Riding

*more info about VIVA SKI kindly refer to their official website VIVA SKI

2) Fun Ski & Snow Festival @ YongPyong Resorti

Fun ski & snow festival

This ski festival is held from mid-December to early March at Yongpyong Resort, Korea’s first ski resort and a well-known host of international competitions. It offers a fun and exciting winter experience with skiing and snowboarding lessons taught by expert instructors, skiing competitions and award ceremonies, and a wide range of hands-on program & performances.

• Organized by: Yongpyong Resort

• Sponsored by: Korea Tourism Organization and Gangwon Province

• 17/18 Season Schedule

Batch ❶ 13 Dec – 16 Dec, 2017

Batch ❷ 7 Jan – 10 Jan, 2018

Batch ❸14 Jan – 17 Jan, 2018

• Festival Plan🏂

Day ❶ Registration, Ski & Snowboard Rental and Ski, Snowboard Lesson #1

Day ❷ Ski & Snowboard Lessons #2, Entertainment -Korean performance & Tokkebi Storm (Nonverbal performance)

Day ❸ Ski & Sled Competition, Award Ceremony and Recreational activities


3) Go! Go! Ski @ High 1 Resort

This ski festival is held from the peak of winter in mid-December to early March at High1 Resort, which is equipped
with top-notch facilities. It offers a memorable experience particularly to tourists from Southeast Asian and other
snowless regions. Visitors can take part in expert-taught skiing lessons of varying difficulty as well as performances
and events to experience the beauty and charm of Korean culture.
• Organized by: High 1 Resort
• Sponsored by: Korea Tourism Organization
and Gangwon Province
• 17/18 Season Schedule
Batch ❶ 17 Dec – 20 Dec, 2017
Batch ❷ 3 Jan – 6 Jan, 2018
Batch ❸21 Jan – 24 Jan, 2018
Batch ❹ 4 Feb – 7 Feb, 2018
Batch ❺ 1 Mar – 4 Mar, 2018

• Festival Plan
Day ❶ Registration, Ski Lesson #1, Welcoming Dinner
and Show
Day ❷ Ski Lesson #2 (Full Day), Gala Dinner
Day ❸ Ski Competition and Award ceremony

4)KISC (Korea International Ski Camp) @ Alpensia Ski Resort and High 1 Resort
As customized days and nights ski package exclusively offers to individual tourists, KISC can be customize within accommodations, meals, ski lessons (with level tests), fun activities and a competition.

Recommended KISC Package offers 5 different schedules of ski lesson programs. Each Program is planned by your
own ski skills.
❶ KISC divides customers into 3 groups by age as Young Kids (aged 4-8), Kids (aged 9-15) and Teen & Adults and
provide the diferent group lessons. For family group, they can specially organize the family private lesson as well.
❷ 5 packages named Blue, Red, Yellow, Green and Black are made up with ski lesson and activities that skiers like to take the most.
❸ KISC packages consist of ski lesson together with transportation, accommodation and ski wear/equipments. On the speical note, there will be promotional camp program as KISC Event Camp (10-12 Dec 2017) and KISC Christmas
Camp (14-26 Dec 2017).

Three types of packages skiing lesson consist with 2D 1N (blue & red), 3D 2N (yellow & green) and 4D 3N (black).

· Check in Resort / Registration KISC Camp
· Meet Ski Planner with Welcome Drink
* Afternoon Ski with KISC program [ 3Hours ]
· Breakfast at the resort
* Morning Ski with KISC program [ 3Hours ]
· Afternoon – Free ski
· Check out Resort

·Check in Resort / Registration KISC Camp
·Meet Ski Planner with Welcome Drink
* Afternoon Ski with KISC program [ 3Hours ]
· Breakfast at the resort
* Morning Ski with KISC program [ 3Hours ]
* Afternoon Ski with KISC program [ 3Hours ]
· Check out Resort

· Check in Resort / Registration KISC Camp
· Meet Ski Planner with Welcome Drink
* Afternoon Ski with KISC program [ 3Hours ]
· Breakfast at the resort
* Morning Ski with KISC program [ 3Hours ]
· Afternoon – Free ski
· Breakfast at the resort
· Another option of skiing / or Spa and sauna at water park / local tours
· Check out Resort


· Check in Resort / Registration KISC Camp
· Meet Ski Planner with Welcome Drink
* Afternoon Ski with KISC program [ 3Hours ]
· Breakfast at the resort
* Morning Ski with KISC program [ 3Hours ]
· Afternoon – Free ski
· Breakfast at the resort
* Morning Ski with KISC program [ 3Hours ]
· Another option of skiing / or Spa and sauna at water park / local tours
· Check out Resort

· Check in Resort / Registration KISC Camp
· Meet Ski Planner with Welcome Drink
* Afternoon Ski with KISC program [ 3Hours ]
· Breakfast at the resort
* Morning Ski with KISC program [ 3Hours ]
· Afternoon – Free ski
· Breakfast at the resort
* Morning Ski with KISC program [ 3Hours ]
· Afternoon – Free ski
· Breakfast at the resort
* Morning Ski with KISC program [ 3Hours ]
· Another option of skiing / or Spa and sauna at water park / local

*more info about KISC kindly refer to their official website KISC




Hi guys! I would like to share some of my experiences going to entertainment companies while I in korea. Basically my reasons visit this places its is because I just want to makes memories while visiting my favorite idol company by taking pictures. Dont put so hope, sometimes you may see them if you’re so lucky. But its depends. So which company should I start first? Should I start with blossom entertainment ? Yes? Okay! Let’s Start  〰

BLOSSOM ENTERTAINMENT (park bogum, song jongki & cha tae hyun)

1st of all, if you don’t know how to go there? You can used the magic of google. WHY BLOSSOM????


because bogum is my love ;p

Follow the pictures step by step.

Take subway station line 3 or 7 using exit 3 to go blossom entertainment


Go straight and Turn right at crossroads and keep walking
If you found CU infront of you. Its means you in right way! So keep walk and follow my direction
After you turn left then you can find the fancy Cafe and this big building. Then keep walking and follow this direction because you’re here!
The tiny building is building where blossom entertainment was location yay!! You arrive safely!
Yayyy. We are here!

TOP 8 Ski Resorts in Gangwon

Be prepared guys! Because in others month gonna be winter in Korea. So get yourself ready and prepared to the Gangwon because the biggest ski festival will be held in Gangwon soon!

Why Gangwon? And why not Seoul? 

Ski & resort festival in Gangwon
  • main reasons? You can find out the where the 2018 winter Olympics will takes they place! Maybe you can get feelings of 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.
  • others than that, Gangwon is the snowiest province in Korea. I guess, maybe that was one of the reasons why 3 city in Gangwon became host of 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.
  • For about 66 days from November to March, Gangwon has an average of 250cm of snow. The average temperature is about -4.8°c throughout the winter, which maintains optimal ski conditions so that skiers can demonstrate their full capacities.
  • Gangwon’s eight large-scale recreation resorts are most popular among Korean people in winter. Each resort has great slopes for skiing and snowboarding, unique events, and a variety of accommodations for everyone’s comfort and convenience.

Wondering ABOUT 8 ski resorts in Gangwon? Yes. Here we go!


Alpensia is the most famous ski resorts in Gangwon. This place located in 700m above sea height. This building designed by Cuningham Group which also participate in development famous theme park in worlds such as Warner Bros, Universal Studios and many more! Alpensia got many facilities that you can uses such as  world class ski slope & ski jump,  main stadium and many more which perfectly for 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

Address 📌

325, Solbong-ro, Daegwallyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do

강원도 평창군 대관령면 솔봉로 325 (대관령면)

A very fascinating view of alpensia
Must visit place for Ski!

Its beautiful right? Wondering how to go there. You can go there by various kind of transportation.

Firstly,from Incheon International Airport you can take bus > Dongseoul bus terminal or subway green line transit in Hongik university station and stop at Gangbyeong  to Dongseoul Bus Terminal

View more for directory Incheon> Alpensia

For more convenient I would like to suggest you to take shuttle bus from Incheon International Airport to the Pyeongchang because changing bas can make you so tired.


Directory in Incheon International Airport

Skiing fees? You can refer here Alpensia Ski Resort

Fees for skiing in Alpensia Si Resorts

Still got problem to go there? Don’t worry you can use trazy to booking for one day or 2 day tour in Alpensia ski resorts.

Package offer by Trazy

P/s: take note this price (1+1) is valid if you book before 30 NOV 2017.

Package included

Operation Hours ⏰

[Lift operating hours]

Morning 08:30-12:30 / Afternoon 12:30-16:30  / Evening 18:30-22:30

2. Elysian Gangchon Resorts

Elysian gangchon resorts

Elysian Gangchon not Gongchan! Huhukk. Elysian is more near to Seoul because its take about 40 Minutes from Seoul to Elysian. Playing ski at this place really comfortable and Gangchon guarantees exciting and comfortable skiing with 1,000m for beginners, intermediate skiers, and experts. You can enjoy the stable and comfortable skiing on valley slopes and exciting and refreshing skiing on ridgeline slopes. Besides that, they have total of 10 themes name as  Gangchon Channel Park. If you love night skiing, you can play till 2am cause they will open till 2am.


688, Bukhangangbyeon-gil, Namsan-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do

강원도 춘천시 남산면 북한강변길 688 (남산면)

Operating Hours ⏰

Daytime 09:00-17:30  / Evening 19:00-24:00 / Nighttime 22:00-03:00 / Early Morning 24:00~03:00

(Open until 05:00 on Fridays, weekends, public holidays, holiday eves)

Snow grooming hours 17:30-19:00

[Ski Lift]

4-hour pass: Adults 54,000 won / Teenagers 37,000 won

6-hour pass: Adults 64,000 won / Teenagers 44,000 won

8-hour pass: Adults 74,000 won / Teenagers 51,000 won

Night pass (19:00-24:00): Adults 60,000 won / Teenagers 42,000 won

Late Night-dawn pass (22:00-04:00): Adults 50,000 won / Teenagers 35,000 won

Midnight-dawn pass (24:00-04:00): Adults 40,000 won / Teenagers 28,000  won

One-time pass: Adult 14,000 won / Youth 9,000 won
※ The hours for the lift pass are counted from the moment of purchase, and use is limited for only the same day.

※ Snow condition check & slope maintenance period (17:30-19:00) occurs within lift operation hours, and the same amount of time will be automatically added to each pass.

For example, when a 4-hour pass is purchased at 16:00, the snow maintenance period of 1.5 hrs and the gear wearing time of 20 min will be added to your 4-hour pass, extending your riding time from 18:00 to 21:50.

For more information on fees, please go to website:www.elysian.co.kr (Korean only)


– believe or not this elysian gangchon can be reachable by subway. The only ski resort with subway station.

From Hongik University / Hongdae station (홍대) take Subway blue colour line to (Gyeongui Jungang) to the Baegyang-ri Station but you neeed to transit just one time at same station. WALKING about 10minutes. When you in korea, walking is must!  Its took  2 hours. Wondering how to go there. Here is the guide!

Little blue line from hongik

I put the hongik station because its easy to reachable even you can go to the Incheon airport STRAIGHT away from hongik station then transit at mangu station walking about 10 minutes.

After transit then keep silent on train till they stop at Baegyang-ri

Fyi, they have the complimentary 2-minute shuttle ride is provided from Baegyangri Station to the condominium entrance (The complimentary shuttle runs in 20 minute intervals.)- The detailed timetable can be found on the KORAIL website and application.
Beside that u also can use the itx-cheongchun line but a bit expensive that the route I advise. Plus I don’t remember the route well.

From yongsan line 1 transit to itx-cheongchun

From yongsan station line 1 you can transit to itx-cheongchun station. Same line to go Dongdaemun.

P/s : they also have shuttlebus but seems complicated so I suggest youguys to take subway.

More info refer here elysian eng

 3) Hansol oak village

Hansol Oak Valley is a family resort operated by Hansol Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hansol Group.

The resort has a beautiful facility with golf courses, thrilling ski slopes, leisure and convenience amenities, and European-style condominiums. The resort’s golf courses were designed to work with the naural environment and the course-management is eco-friendly.  The resort offers both a members only and public course and a variety of events are ongoing throughout the year. Other amenities include a banquet hall, wedding hall, swimming pool, tennis court and mountain biking. Families and friends alike can join this resort all year round!

⏰Check-In Time

14:00 (peak season 15:00)
⏰Check-Out Time

12:00 (peak season 11:00)
💸Room Rates  ₩ 330,000~

* The room rate is the lowest price for this accommodation. Rates may vary according to season, room type and whether or not guests are entitled to discount rates. Please make sure to check the exact rate in advance before making your reservations. The room rate listed above is subject to change.

Additional Taxes & Services Charge

is Incluced
Peak Season

July-August, December-Februray

※ Subject to change. Please inquire in advance.

Subsidiary Facilities

Swimming pool, mountain biking, golf course, ski area, hiking path, sculpture park, tennis court, basketball court, bowling, observatory, ski shop, etc.

Korean restaurant, Chinese restaurant, cafe, food court, mart, BBQ

Parking Facility – Available


To reserve a room and/or golf range contact +82-1588-7676

Pickup Services  – Available (Reservation required the day before prior to 16:00)

📞 Inquiry: Cheonho Tour +82-33-763-1005

Directions 🚄

From Seoul Express Bus Terminal, take an express bus bound for Wonju Express Bus Terminal.

(first bus 6:00, last bus 23:00, travel time: 1 hr 30 min)

Exit out from the terminal, walk toward Lotte Mart and take a right at the four-way intersection. Cross the street and take Bus 57 to Oak Valley Bus Stop.

(46 bus stops, travel time: 1 hr 20 min)

Or you can take a taxi to the venue from the bus terminal.

(Approxi. 23km away / the taxi fare will cost around 21,000 won)

Near attraction to Hansol Snow Parkk, and also The valley includes nine variously themed slopes, express lifts, and world-class half pipe courses. Oak Valley Snow Park is a fusion project that combines a ski resort, golf course, and condominiums. As its name says, skiers ski down slopes along snow-covered oak forests.

The slopes were designed by world-renowned Snow Engineering from the U.S. and the golf course was designed by Robert Trent Jones, Jr. Enjoy skiing at a European Mediterranean-style resort.

Also, a Shuttle bus to the venue is avilable. shuttle bus

4. Wellihillipark Snow Park

The opes were designed by Paul Matthews of Canada’s ECOSIGN, one of the world’s most well-known designers who specializes in ski slopes, and has been recognized by the International Ski Federationfor its size and safety. As the host of the 2009 Snowboard World Championships, it will be widely introduced as a mecca for snowboarding. Korea’s greatest fun park (Terrain Park) is an eye-catching area that allows both experts and beginners to perform ‘techniques.’ All slopes are opened to snowboarders; the Half Pipe Park, exclusive for snowboarding, is most popular among snowboarders.

Wellihillipark is about 1 hour and 30 minutes away from Seoul in a region that often experiences heavy snow, thus making great skiing conditions. The 6.5 million square meters Wellihillipark offers state-of-the-art facilities including gondolas that are able to transport 20,000 skiers per hour, and an automatic snow-making system.

⏰Wellihillipark is about 1 hour and 30 minutes away from Seoul in a region that often experiences heavy snow, thus making great skiing conditions. The 6.5 million square meters Wellihillipark offers state-of-the-art facilities including gondolas that are able to transport 20,000 skiers per hour, and an automatic snow-making system. 

🏢The resort has all the latest ski facilities, including an intermediate level wave course and mogul course, and an enormous half-pipe and fun park for snowboarders. Those looking for an even bigger thrill can try the ‘Big Buster’ bobsledding course. There are also bobsleds and snow tubes for children.

Wellihillipark not only has great ski slopes, but also provides condos, golf facilities, and more. Complimentary shuttle buses to and from the resort are also offered by the resort. Please refer to the official website or make a phone inquiry for more information.

There is also new ktx station that stop near to this place.

⏰Operating Hours 

Day Pass 08:30-17:00

Night Pass 19:00-23:00

Midnight Pass 21:00-01:00

All Night Pass 23:00-04:00

* Operating hours may subject to changes.

💸Admission Fees 

Varies from year to year



⛷Subsidiary Facilities 

Slopes, lifts, gondola route, conveyor belt, children playroom, sauna, indoor swimming pool, ice sled site, physical training site, recreation center, outdoor stage, training facility, shop for agricultural and specialty products, accommodations (condo rooms, youth hostel rooms), food court, pro shop, supermarket, laundromat, seminar room, cafeteria, banquet room, singing room, computer game room, game arcade, coffee shop, bakery, bowling site, billiard hall, tennis table court, small theater, indoor sport complex

Day Pass 08:30-17:00

Night Pass 19:00-23:00

Midnight Pass 21:00-01:00

All Night Pass 23:00-04:00

* Operating hours may subject to changes.

💸Admission Fees

Varies from year to year



Subsidiary Facilities 

Slopes, lifts, gondola route, conveyor belt, children playroom, sauna, indoor swimming pool, ice sled site, physical training site, recreation center, outdoor stage, training facility, shop for agricultural and specialty products, accommodations (condo rooms, youth hostel rooms), food court, pro shop, supermarket, laundromat, seminar room, cafeteria, banquet room, singing room, computer game room, game arcade, coffee shop, bakery, bowling site, billiard hall, tennis table court, small theater, indoor sport complex

5. Daemyung Vivaldi Park

this is a leisure complex having water themed
park, golf club and horse riding club as well. Along with a good
accessibility from Seoul area, many visitors continuously find
Daemyung Vivaldi Park. Daemyung Vivaldi Park starts with very new
program as Viva K-Food Festival from Winter season of 2015. Uniquely
Viva K-Food festival is a combination of ski training and Korean food
experience. In this festival, you can learn skiing as well as attend
Korean food cooking class! And of course, you will have a chance to try
the street food styled snack as Tteokbokki and others also. Vivaldi Park is very famous among Malaysian.

For your information, VIVALDI PARK SKI WORLD has been noted for being the most visited Ski resort in Korea for seven consecutive years. It has its state-of-the art facilities and slopes suitable for all levels and yet more facilities are newly installed every year to maintain its reputation.
Only 45 minutes from Seoul, It is the closest ski resort from a Seoul and largest Ski area in Seoul metropolitan region.
Surely it will not only give you unforgettable memories, but also will be a perfect get away from your busy life.

This World-class SKI WORLD can accommodate 20,000 visitors daily, covers combined slope area of 1,322,021m2, total slope length of 6,784m. Among a total of 10 lifts VIVALDI PARK SKI WORLD operates, there is a Asia’s first 8-seater express chairlift and 8-seater gondola.

How to go there:
1. From Seoul Sangbong Bus Terminal or Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, take a bus to Hongcheon Bus Terminal.
2. From Hongcheon, take Bus No. 70-1 or 70-2 to Vivaldi Park (travel time: approx. 1hr 30min)

[Shuttle Bus]

For your information , Daemyung Resort actually provide the free shuttle bus to all foreigner who go there.  normally the pickup point is at Hongik University Station. for more info about shuttle bus you can refer here >> vivaldi shuttle bus

any info regarding vivaldi ski resort yes you may contact them on there website Daemyung Viva Ski Resort & KTO – Vivaldi Ski Resort

6. Bokwang Phoenix Park

Bokwang Phoenix Park or Phoenix Snow Park iss the natural valley slope of
1,050m-tall Mt. Taegi with outstanding snow conditions. It’s the best ski
resort in Korea with 12 world-class slopes, 8 ski chairlifts, 6 sun-kid lifts
and a modern gondola made by Doppelmire. Each of the 21 courses has
unique designs, looking out to the 500m-wide panoramic ski base, and
guarantees dynamic and exciting speed. Various attractions in the Terrain
Park include the Extreme Park for beginners and a mini half pipe and
jumping deck for snowboarders. Night skiing ends at 5:00 AM.

With a 5-star hotel, condominium buildings, ski slopes, and a top-class golf course, the mountain resort complex of Phoenix Park provides various recreational and amusement facilities for a great vacation. The resort is located approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes from Seoul in Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do. Pyeongchang is a major winter sports region in Korea and is the host city of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.

The resort has a total of seventeen slopes, four of which are approved by the FIS (International Ski Federation), and has superb snow quality. Phoenix Snow Park is an environmentally friendly resort, created with the minimum possible disruption to surrounding nature. For more information on the Phoenix Snow Park and subsidiary facilities, please visit the official website or call the ski resort helpine.

  • Located in 74, Taegi-ro, Bongpyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do
    강원도 평창군 봉평면 태기로 174 (봉평면)
  • Transportation?
    From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus to Jangpyeong.
    From Jangpyeong Bus Terminal, take the shuttle bus or a taxi to Phoenix Park.

moree info you can refer Phoenix Resort

7. Yongpyong Resort

Yongpyong Resort is Asia’s second ski resort to be certified by the
International Ski Federation. It succesfully held the World Cup Ski
Competition in 1998 and 2000 and the 1999 Winter Asian Games and
has been very popular among skiers from Europe and other parts of
Asia. Twenty-seven slopes, including the Rainbow Slopes, and an
average of 250cm of snow every Winter makes Yongpyong the best ski
resort in the world. Yongpyong resort with Korea’s first Terrain Park and
Korea’s widest slope at 180m is the pride of the region. It is planning to
develop up to 48 slopes and 24 lifts to become an even larger ski resort.

Yongpyong Resort is situated at the center of Korea’s Baekdudaegan Mountain Range, and sees an average of 250 centimeters of snowfall per season, which makes for excellent skiing conditions. Not only that, the resort’s enormous seventeen million square meter complex includes a 45-hole golf course, gondolas, swimming pool, and other facilities. This all-season recreational complex allows visitors to escape from daily life and relax.

Yongpyong Resort has an impressive ski slopes, including the popular Rainbow Slopes, and offers excellent facilities for skiers. The resort’s Dragon Plaza offers a variety of services for skiers and snowboarders. Yongpyong Resort has hosted a number of international competitions, including the World Cup Ski Competition and the Asian Winter Games. It is consequently one of the most popular ski resorts in Korea, and is frequented by many tourists.  Accommodation options include condominiums, a hotel, and a youth hostel.


  • Operating Hours 
    Day Pass 08:30-16:30
    Night Pass 18:30-22:00
  • Inquiries: +82-1588-0009 / +82-33-335-5757
  • Transportation – From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, take a bus to Hoenggye Intercity Bus Terminal.
    From Hoenggye Intercity Bus Terminal, take a taxi to Yongpyong Resort (travel time: approx. 13 min).

for more info kindly visit they official pages Yongpyong resort

8. High 1 Ski Resort

High 1 Ski Resort with a short history but with amazing facilities is one
of the major ski resorts in Korea. High 1 resort is a big complex of
accommodation, golf, themed park, ski and casino. Go! Go! ski
program by High 1 Resort is consist of 4 days. First and second day,
you can have a basic ski lesson and Gala dinner. On third day, you
can have a competition with others to win the prize in the ceremony!

High1 Ski Resort is equipped with lifts and ski slopes for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced skiers, providing an enjoyable environment for the whole family.

*Opening Date 
Novermber 18, 2017 (17/18 Season)

*Operating Hours 
Morning 08:30-13:00
Afternoon 12:00-16:00
Evening 18:00-22:00

High1 Resort

*Main Facilities 
Hotels, condominiums, restaurants, ski slopes, ski lift, golf range, casino, hiking trails, swimming pool, etc.

more info kindly refer to HIG 1 SKI RESORT

Jeongseon Arirang Festival(정선 아리랑제)

Jeongseon arirang festival? Haaa thinking about festival again? Yeah! U should experience to this festival! Em why? Do you remember any our old folk song? No? Me tooo T_T ㅠㅠ so we should experience this one.

The only 4days FESTIVAL you won’t missed it! It’s from 29th September till 2nd October 2017.

Jeongseon Arirang Festival

About this festival

  • Jeongseon Arirang Festival is an annual festival usually held in October (every year) in effort to preserve and develop “Jeongseon Arirang,” an intangible cultural heritage.
  • Many events and programs are held, with the festival’s main event being the performance of “Arirang” folk song. 
  • Variations of “Arirang” from different regions will also be performed.

Some activity or program that you can see?

  • Various Programs you can see such as    Opening ceremony, theme performance, singing contest, subsidiary event and performance, traditional cultural experience, modern culture experience, traditional culture interchange, original performance, exhibitions, promotions, and others.
  • Other than that there is various activity such as drawing contest, children’s art madang, dance contest, K-POP dance competition, archery contest, students’ music performance, Nakdong farming music performance, fusion Korean music performance, musical, multicultural food and traditional costume experience, and many more!〰

    Best for everybody because no age limitation~  so you and your kid can enjoyed this FESTIVAL as well! 

    How to go there? 🚎🚄

    • From hongik station subway 🚞 (line number 2) stop at Gang byeong *no need to change line*
    • And follow the direction to dong-seoul bus terminal after that?
    • 🚎From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal(buy tickets at counter) to go an intercity bus to Jeongseon.
    • Emmm the bas will depart from 7:10am -18:55pm and They will departs every 1hr~1hr 30min 
    • and the estimated travel time around : 3hrs 30min
    • 🚕 From Jeongseon Terminal, take a taxi to the festival grounds. (5-10min)

    Further information you can refer on Arirang festival


    112, Bongyang-ri, Jeongseon-eup, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do 강원도 정선군 정선읍 봉양리 112 (정선읍)

    Location : Around Jeongseon-eup Arari Park

    📞Telephone• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese) 

    • For more info: +82-33-563-2646 (Korean)

    If your so into korean, I guess your heard about “Arirang” before either original or other version.  

    Arirang~ / new version arirang by bts

    Read more about arirang@wikipedia

    Auraji River – river of where the arirang song originated

    Bye  😘💕

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