Wow! Pyeongchang 2017 – – Malaysia supporters 


This ceremony was held on 11 February 2017 (Saturday) in Korea Plaza,KL.

They have recruit around 60-62 People from Malaysia. The ceremony start at 11AM. This program is to supporters the winter Olympics games that will be held in pyeongchang. This program was supported by Korea Tourism Organizations and also Gangwon Provinces.  

  1. Started with opening speach from KTO (Malaysia) Boss and also Gangwon Provinces Manager.
  2. At that time we got the introduction about pyeongchang and also what the supporters need to do.
  3. This supporters program will run with 1 year (February 2017-February 2018)
  4. The ceremony end with the give out certificate, badges, tshirt and some KTO official goodies to the all of supporters.

The supporters will supports all this event by sharing information and detail on their social network.

This program is worldwide program that introduced by Korea Tourism Organizations. 

Instead of Malaysia, Korea Tourism Organizations also recruits the Wow Pyeongchang Supporters from various countries such as in Vietnam, Brunei and also Istanbul .



    Telah diadakan pada 11 February 2017 bersamaan hari sabtu yang lalu bertempat di Korea Plaza,KL. Tujuan majlis pembukaan ini diadakan adalah untuk mempromosikan sukan olimpik di pyeongchang pada 2018.

    1. Majlis pembukaan dia mulakan dengan ucapan pembukaan daripada KTO (Malaysia) boss.

    2. introduction mengenai pyeongchang Olympics 2018 serta apa yang perlu dilakukan oleh online supporters ini.

    3.program ini dijalankan selama setahun (1 tahun) bermula Feb/17-Feb/18

    4. Majlis diakhiri dengan penyerahan sijil, badges, tshirt dan official goodies daripada KTO kepada para supporters.


    开幕典礼[哇! 平昌郡! 支持者]

    已在上个周六,2017年2月11日举行。此开幕典礼的主要目的是推广即将在平昌郡举行的2018年奥运会 。

    1. 韩国旅游组织[KTO(马来西亚)]执行官在开幕典礼上致开幕词。
    2. 介绍有关2018年平昌郡奥运会以及网上支持者该做的事宜。

    4. 这场典礼颁发奖状给予各位支持者以作为结束。

    Chinese translation by CL.


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