Wow! Pyeongchang supporters program

Wow! Pyeongchang supporters program is program that have been design by Korea Tourism Organizations (KTO KL) in Malaysia.


In next post I will share more details about ktokl okay. Don’t worry😘

Why they need the online supporters?

Yaaa,you know how powerful of media social or internet??

Yaaa because of that. Some of supporters come from various regions in Malaysia such from Perak or so whatever. So because of that by using the power of social media everybody can get the info just by one-click. So basically my job just sharing the info to promote the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

As can you see from my first-ever post, I already share about opening ceremony for online supporters. Yaaay, Malaysia is the first country they started this supporters program. So next also have for another country okay. Any info about how you can join as supporters, you guys can refer on korea tourism in your country okay?

So you can help korea tourism promote this big games in your country.

This games really special for korea because this is their 2nd times become the host country.



Mesti korang tertanya kann, program apalah kita join ni. Yaa program ni macam kita nak kena share info pasal game nilaah, tempat yang menarik dekat kawasan games tuu. 

Wow! Pyeongchang Supporters Program adalah program yang telah diwujudkan oleh Korea Tourism Organizations (KTO) in Malaysia bagi membantu mereka untuk mempromosi serta menguar-uarkan lagi maklumat tentang olympics musim salji ini.

Malaysia merupakan negara pertama yang KTO mula-mula perkenalkan program ni. So lepasni ada lah diaorang nak recruit supporters dari negara lain. So buat teman-teman dari negara selain Malaysia you guys boleh refers dekat KTO di negara masing2 okay?

Certification show that you’re their officially supporters



正如你看到我的第一个发文,我已经分享了网上支持者的相关开幕信息。 马来西亚是第一个开始这活动的国家。 未来也可能轮到另一个国家的。 有关如何可以加入成为支持者的资讯,可以浏览韩国旅游社网站。



chinese translation by Yvonne.


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