Official Mascots for Pyeongchang 2018

GROUP PHOTO TIME 반다비가 수호랑 잉에요

​Yayaaaaa, now the time we will meet the special mascots for Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

Yeyyy, they have 2 mascots to represent this games and of course the mascots have name which is Suhorang & Bandabi.

Yayyyy, they are Suhorang & Bandabi.

Yayyyy, now lets meet them and get knowing more about them. Emmm which one is Suhorang and which one is Bandabi?

You see the black colour bear? 

Bandabi (반다비) for Paralympic Winter Games 2018

He’s name is Bandabi(반다비). Bandabi is a official mascots for 2018 Paralympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang..

Bandabi is Asiatic Black bear or Ban-Dal-Ga-Seum-Gom (반달가슴곰) which means is bear with the half-moon mark on the chest. Its symbolizes as a strong willpower and courage in the korea folklore. Banda (반다) is derived from words Bandal (반달) and Bi (비).

Bandal (반달) in korean means as the worlds for halfmoon 


Bi (비) can be define as celebration of the games.

Nowwww your know about Bandabi now let’s meet Suhorang(수호랑) the white colour tiger. 

Suho? Exo member’s? Or character in Hwarang? 

Haaa no no no. Its not. They don’t use this name because of that. So let me introduced about suhorang.

Suhorang(수호랑) is a white tiger, as now he is the trustworthy mascots for Olympics Winter Games in 2018. This white tiger also be consideredas the Korea’s guardian animal. Here is reason why is Suhorang got picked as Mascot for 2018 Olympics Winter Games in Pyeongchang.

Suhoo? (수호) means as protection/guardian in Korean, it is symbolizes as protection that Korea as host for this Olympics games offered to the athletes, spectators and other participants in this upcoming 2018 Games. 

Rang(랑) comes from the middle of letter Ho-Rang-i (호랑이) which mean tiger in korea and also come from last letter of Jeongseon Arirang (정선아리랑) is a cherished korean traditional folk song of Gangwon Provinces where the Games will be held.


现在让我们了解它们更多。 哪一个是Suhorang,哪个是Bandabi?
它的名字是Bandabi(반다비)。 Bandabi是2018年残奥会的平昌官方吉祥物。
Bandabi是亚洲黑熊或Ban-Dal-Ga-Seum-Gom(반달가슴곰),意思是在胸部有半月标记的熊。它象征着在韩国民间传说中的强大意志力和勇气。 Banda(반다)产自Bandal(반달)和Bi(비)。
Suho? Exo成员?或在Hwarang角色?
Suhoo? (수호)意味着作为韩国的保护/监护人,它象征着保护韩国作为这次奥运会主办,提供给运动员,观众和其他参与者在即将到来的2018年赛事。
Rang(랑)来自Ho-Rang-i(호랑이)的中间,这意味着在韩国的老虎和来自Jeongseon Arirang的最后一个字母(정선아리랑)是江原道的一个珍贵的韩国传统民歌。

Arirang such a beautiful song, you guys can refer on link below for listen the song.

1. Original version song

2. New version by BTS (방탄소년단) 


1. Wikipedia
2. Official Pyeongchang 2018 Websites

3. Official Youtube Arirang Channel & Pyeongchang 2018


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