Hello Pyeongchang!

Still lagi dalam “Olympics Test Event”.

Kalini nak share pasal apps dorang dah sediakan dan list game yang dorang ada.
Dekat gambar tu korang bolehlah tengok list game apa dorang ada lepastu kat mana dorang adakan ok?
Korang boleh dapatkan info pasal test event dekat link https://www.hellopyeongchang.com/en/index

Download je  app “HELLO PYEONGCHANG” ni dorang sediakan untuk kita supaya senang nak dapat info, dalam ni macam2 ada. 

HELLO PYEONGCHANG ni macam branding atau tagline dorang untuk Olympics Test Event ni. Lagipun tagline HELLO Pyeongchang ni gak untuk welcoming orang yang datang dekat pyeongchang ni. Pyeongchang kan tuan rumah, untuk game ni. Since orang taw, Seoul je kann. Actually banyak tempat best kat korea taw seperti Pyeongchang. 

Sedikit notice dari dorang, since dorang bukak event ni untuk public jugak kann? Kite sume boleh masuk sebab mmg ada yg free entrance taww. Korang boleh refer ni.
2017 Test Event Games

Ticket pre-order and Free Ticket Event application
Charged Events : Figure Skating

※ Pyeongchang Winter Music Festival 2017 (20% discount for ticket holders of Figure Skating)
Free Ticket Events : Cross-country Skiing, Nordic Combined, Speed Skating, Wheelchair Curling and Bobsleigh&Skeleton. (※ Ticketing website for Wheelchair Curling and Bobsleigh&Skeleton will be open soon.)
※ Requesting Free Tickets is available on ticketing Website only and you can collect them in front of the Venue on the day of session.

Free Entrance Events : For all events excluding the 6 events with paid/free tickets, you can freely attend the event without a ticket.

For information about ticketing, please contact us : ticketing@pyeongchang2018



this is my first-time ever do this bloggging thingss. thanks for your time for read my writing and all supports.

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