The Republic of Korea Aerobatics Team – Black Eagles

Black Eagles is the 53rd air demonstration/aerobatics teams of Republic of Air Force, Republic of Korea. They came from Wonju which is located in Gangwon Provinces.

Black Eagles is the only team that operate with 8 home born supersonic trainers thay specially for Air demonstration! With using the aircraft KAI T50B Golden Eagles they have performs various style of airshow and they well-known with they teamwork, value and also spirit. 

History of Black Eagles ✈�

1953 – Introduction of Aerobatics Team Flight with F-51 Mustang

1962- Formed an official team, “BLUE SABRE” With F-86

1967- Establishment of Black Eagles with F-5 Freedom Fighter

1978- Tentative Dismiss

1994 – Resume of Black Eagles Aerobatics Display with A-37 Dragon Fly

2007- Black Eagles T/F (Conversion Aircraft to T-50B)

2009- Establishment of the 239th Aerobatics Squardon (Black Eagle) with T-50B

2011- Initialization of 10 T-50B (8-ship flying display team)

2012 – Their start participates in various of worldwide airshow

* UK International Airshow

* Waddington International Airshow

* Royal International Air Tattoo

* Farnborough International Airshow 

* Won “Boeing Trophy Award” in Waddington International Airshow “The King Hussein’s Sword” & the “As the Crow Flies Award”- RIAT

2013 – Structural Change – the 239th Squardon to the 53rd Air Demonstration Group

2014 & 2016 – Participates in Singapore airshow

2017 – Participates in LIMA’17 (the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition)

The Pilots

Black Eagles “Pilots”

High Show that they performs

On 29th March 2017 they have return back to korea but they flypass thru KLCC to show their appreciation to Malaysia because of the warm welcoming since they in LIMA’17.

You guy can catchup their performances on theirs pages :

Black Eagles Officials Facebook

Officials Instagram Black Eagles 

Yeahh, please enjoyed the video 🎥 and picture 📷

170328 Black Eagles flypass thru KLCC

P/s: Please take full credit if you share this picture/video

170325 – Black Eagles in #LIMA17

170325 – Black Eagles “Rainfall performances” on LIMA17

Rainfall performances @ LIMA17


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