May –  a special family month in South Korea

As we know before, February very famous for couple day which many of people celebrate their Valentine day. But not many people aware that in Korea, they have special family month which occurs in May. May also know as Family Month which you can celebrate your family member. 👨👩‍👧‍👦 In May they normally celebrate children day, parents day married couple day. 

#1 Children Day, 5th May 👼👶

Children day have beend celebrate in entire of world in different day/date. In South Korea, they celebrate children day on 5th May annually.  

Credit : shuttershock

Credit : shuttershock

In korea they pronounce children day as어린이날 (eorininal). The words 어린이날 is combination of two words which is (어린이) mean as children, and (날) mean of day. For your information children day is one of public holidays in Korea. Wahh, can you see how special it is?

a long time ago they celebrate the children day on 1 Mei but since its clash with Labour Day then they changed to 5May. Not just that, some info I got it before this they named the Children Day is Boy’s Day. So after they changed it’s become more harmonized. Do you think that too? Yalooo, if said boy days nanty people assume its only for boy and after become children day people won’t misunderstood right? ㅋㅋㅋ just joking. 

Not just that, the celebration of children day before countries is different. There is many day celebration for children. But only Japan & South Korea celebrate the children day on 5th May, annually. Others country such as Sudan, they celebrate the children day on  23 December.

Children day like heaven for kif because obviously they will get many new toys and freebies. During this time, normally their parents bring them to zoo or amusement park. Have very quality time with family laa. 😌😮☺ other than that, they is the ceremony which kid will playing the “Yut” – Korea Traditional game” and also havea taekwando demonstration.  

Yahh, anyway you guys can watch the special episodes running man for children day

Running Man – Happy Children Day Special Episodes

#childrensday #happychildrensday #어린이날 #子供の日こどものひ

#2 Parents Day, 8th May

In South Korea, Parent’s Day is annually held on May 8. The most popular things is giving out your parents a carnations flower. Parent’s day is combination day for both father and mother.

In korea, parents day pronounce as (어버이날 – eobeoinal) which means as parents day. Is a combination words of “어” from words (어머니 – eomeoni “mom”) , words “버” which is from (아버지-abeoji “dad”) “이” marker for object then “날” which means as day. 

South Korea is one of countries that celebrate a single Parent’s Dat rather than separate Mother’s Day & Father’s Day.  

The common action during parents day , is the children giving out their parents a carnations. Even in kindergarten teacher teach the kid how to make the carnations. And, also give another present too.

Dianthus caryophyllus, commonly known as carnations, flowers that symbolize Parents’ Day and are given to parents by children in celebrating Parents’ Day in

Their is various type of carnations. Most of carnations symbolized as love.

 *white carnations – pure love & good luck

*light red carnations – admiration

*dark red carnations – deep love and affection.

Source : teleflora – carnations meaning

#3 Married Couple Day , 21 May

Married Couple Day – 부부의날

Their is no specific celebration of this day. This day has been celebrate by married couple. 

부부의 날은 5월 21일이다. 여성가족부 주관으로 건전한 가족문화의 정착과 가족해체 예방을 위한 행사를 개최하는 대한민국의 기념일이다.” 

The couple ‘s day is May 21. It is the anniversary of the Republic of Korea hosting events for the settlement of a healthy family culture and the prevention of family disintegration under the supervision of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family” – source wiki 부부의날


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