Hanbok (한복)

Hanbok is the traditional costume/cloth in Korea. In South Korea they called as Hanbok (한복) meanwhile in North Korea they called it as (조선옷) Joseon-ot. 

The words “Hanbok” (한복) in korean come from words (한) + (복) . In Korean, “한 means korea ..*psst did you know the name of republic of korea? Yeahh! That was (대한민국) can you see where is 한 come from? Then the word (복) mean as clothing “clothes that they used especially during traditional festival in Joseon Dynasty. 

But nowadays they is no any limit for wearing Hanbok. People (in Korea) often worn Hanbok in special events like Birthday, wedding, anniversary and also Chuseok (korean thanksgiving day).

From what I know the hanbok is different between season cause they used a different materials. At past, hanbok is one of way to separate the different social classes in Korea. There is a different of hanbok between the royal family, aristocracy and the peoples.(pssst, you can found it on historical kdrama) 

KBS2 – Love In Moonlight “Eunuch & Prince Hanbok”

Hanbok that often worn by scholar

SBS Scarlet Heart Ryeo – Hanbok wear by royal family”


Can you see how many beautiful Hanbok exist in Korea?😱

Wearing Hanbok when walk around to historical palace like Gyeongbuk Palace or Hanok Villages in Korea is must do thing among tourist if they visiting korea because it a perfect time for shoot a perfect picture!

If you go to Korea, don’t forget to rent the Hanbok from Hanboknam. They make a beautiful and exclusive hanbok. The materials very nice.  They also have the hanbok that you can renact the kdrama since with you best friend or your partners!  The more special is if you used voucher from DKYW(DISCOVER Korea Your Way) 2017/18 you will get special price lah weh. 

When you guys visiting the historical place like Gyeongbokgung Palace, Samcheondong and Buchon Hanok Villages and wear together hanbok it’s like the best ever experiences.

Hanboknam special offer in DKYW2017


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