Kuala Lumpur Tourism Ambassador

KL Tourism Ambassador during Training Sessions

KLAP with Dato’ Seri Nazri, Minister of Tourism and Culture

As part of Kuala Lumpur Tourism Ambassador, I would like to share about thks program to my supportive readers. Whoever you are and wherever you from I very thankful because youguys can spend your time reading my 20cent blog! Yayyyyyy👏

Kuala Lumpur Tourism Ambassador Programme (also known as KLAP)  is one of the initiatives developed in Kuala Lumpur Tourism Masterplan 2015-2025 , Initiative 10.6 – Empower residents as promoting agents for KL aims to provide the right environment, programmes and support to fully harness KL’s residents in developing, promoting and providing authentic experiences for tourists in Kuala Lumpur.

The local residents of KL currently an untapped asset in developing and promoting KL’s tourism industry. Other cities have successfully harnessed their local residents via wide-scale volunteer programme, continuous, education campaigns and innovative platforms / products to offer more authentic tourism experiences. By encouraging greater involvement of local residents in developing and promoting tourism within the city and building a tourism-savvy populace, KL will be able to provide a deeper, authentic and “off-the-beaten track” experience for tourists and fully showcase the famous Malaysian hospitality.

A comprehensive “KL Ambassador” programme is a form of mobilise volunteers to assist visitors at key tourism areas and tourism events. Volunteers will be recruited from interested locals and city residents, targeting segments such as students, housewives and expat wives to share their enthusiasm and passion for the city. 

With tourist during Iftar@KL

The KL Tourism Ambassador Programme (KLAP) has been launched on 17th December 2014 by former Mayor, YBhg. Datuk Seri Hj. Ahmad Phesal bin Hj. Talib with 40 ambassadors on ground.

This non-profit activity on ground! If you guys see the people like us don’t afraid to approach us and don’t avoid us please..  🙏

And do supports us! 😘👐

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Visit Kuala Lumpur Tourism Ambassador for more info.

Anybody who interested to be part of KL Tourism Ambassador refer on this detail


Izzatul Syazwani


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