Lee hyo-seok : A heart of Gangneung

In PyeongChang, 2018 Winter Olympic hosting city, you will be amazed with endless flower field and the great novel from this beautiful village by Lee Hyo Seok (1907-1942). Hyo Seok Cultural Festival is held to commemorate modern , Korean writer Lee Hyo Seok and his popular novel” When Buckwheat Flowers Bloom” which demonstrates the connection between human life and beauty of nature through the dazzling scenery of Bongpyeong. The Festival offers various participatory programs such as poem exhibition, literature night, Hyo Seok essay contest, nature experiences (e.g. fingernail coloring using balsam), buckwheat food cooking, and many more. Furthermore, visitors may tour Lee Hyo Seok’s birthplace and memorial hall.

Before I will share about this festival. Let’s meet the person itself. Let’s learn about Lee Hyo-Seok .
Lee hyo-seok was born on 23 February 1907 and die on 1942 in Pyeongchang, Gangwon.

He’s also know as ho ‘Gasan’ which is his own pen-name.

1907 in Pyeongchang, Gangwon- do

Lee wrote more than 70 pieces of fiction and first novel that attracted attention of the literary world in 1928 is City and Ghost was published in <Joseon Jigwang>. Lee also published many other works including Unanticipated Meeting, Shattered Red Lantern and At Sea Near Russia, all of which reflected his socialist sympathies. 

But when the novel,”When Buckwheat Flowers Bloom” the novel get big “cherry bomb” and also have been adaptation to the Movie. The movie itself was shoot in Lee’s hometown Bongpyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun and dont be surprise cause THE area is still famous for its buckwheat production. *same area where Gong-Yoo in buckwheat before Kim Go-Eun summoned him in Goblin.

Let’s me share some synopsis about the novel.

Mr. Heo, a lonely Jangdolbaengi (장돌뱅이: vendors who move around the 5 days market mainly in Pyeongchang,Yeongwol and Jecheon area) lost all the money at gamble and moved to Bongpyeong market place in Pyeongchang with his best buddy, Mr. Cho. They met young jangdolbaengi guy, Dong-I over there and decided to move to the other market place together.

While they walked through the buckwheat flower field in the night time, Mr. Heo talked about his lifetime love he had met 20 years ago in Bongpyeong market when he was a young Jangdolbaengi. It was a night that buckwheat flowers bloomed just like a “scattered salts” on the field.

****suchas romantic and lovely storyline  

Eventhough, lee hyo seok already left us. We also can visit his memorial hall.



this is my first-time ever do this bloggging thingss. thanks for your time for read my writing and all supports.

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