Gangneung Coffee Festival

Gangneung Coffee Festival

Calling out “the coffee lovee! Anyone love coffee?” 

Want to discover various kind of coffee? Yeah! The annually Gangneung Coffee Festival will be back soon on this upcoming October.

This event basically free but please be reminded that some activity required the fees.


💕 The first “Gangneung Coffee Festival” already started since 2009.

💕 This project also as part for making Gangneung as the city of coffee.

💕 THis festival also welcoming the various famous coffee chain & artisan coffee shop in Gangneung obviously *they also welcoming others not limited to Gangneung Provinces only.

💕 This festival celebrate the past and culture of variety of coffee-related events such as exhibition, photo exhibition, coffee making,  barista performance, and also others activity such as coffee bean-roasting experience which you can get idea and experience to brew/roast the coffee. 

Pssstt, maybe you can find the best coffee other than Starbucks?;)

One of coffee shop in Gangneung

Yeah. Ofcourse you cannot find the festival all time. Wondering when the festival be held? they festival already started since Jun and gonna end in September. Kindy refer the schedule below :  

📆Festival Date = 

10.06.2017 ~ 10.09.2017

📍Address131, Nanseolheon-ro, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do

강원도 강릉시 난설헌로 131 (초당동)

📞Telephone ~ 1330

☎Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese) 

📞For more info: +82-33-640-5593, 

+82-33-647-6802 (Korean)

Thinking about barista? Come over

Thinking about how to go there? By public transportation? So here we go.

You can took bus to Anmkk (안목). From 2 different place which is :

1. From Gangneung Intercity / Express bus terminal then take 🚌 (Bus) Number 221 and get off at Anmok. Within 10 minutes walking distance (exercise lah sikit!) you can found the festival.

2nd option,if you stop at Gangneung Station you need to take the bus 🚎 223 to anmok.

If you go there (Anmok , 안목) don’t forget go to Anmok Coffee Street.

Actually there is various kind of story about history coffee in Gangwon.


  • History of Tea History in Gangneung and Trace of Heo Family

Historically, Gangneung is known as the town where people enjoyed drinking tea. The love of tea developed into interest in coffee, now the City has established its own coffee culture. Gangneung is the only city where keeps cultural heritage site of tea culture from Shilla dynasty (57 BC – 935 AD). Hansongjeong pavilion is the place whereby you can find a tea utensil used by Hwarang community. And records show that people drank tea in many places in Gangneung including Gyeongpo area.

Tea utensil that used by hwarang in silla destiny

  • 5 Good Writers in Heo Family (許氏 5 文章) refers to Heo Yeop – Father / Heo Seong, Heo Bong and Heo 

List of Heo Family’s!

Gyun – Sons / Heo Nanseolheon – Daughter that lived in Gangneung in 16th century. They were talented in literature so people called them 5 Good Writers in Heo Family (許氏 5 文章). Especially, Heo Nanseolheon and Heo Gyun were outstanding. Heo Nanseolheon was a prominent female poet and produced 211 beautiful poems before she died at the age of 27. Heo Gyun was prominent Korean politician and poet, novelist and scholar.Heo Gyun is often credited as the author of the famous Korean story tale of Hong Gildong, which in many ways reflects his progressive thinking.

Heo family enjoyed drinking tea same as noble families in Joseon dynasty did. Especially Heo Gyun, his know how to appreciate arts was a tea lover and wrote many poems about tea.

“…The Sun goes down in the small garden, I am drinking freshly brewed tea in a silver cup. Lotus flowers are on the pond, rain wet roses are in full bloom…”

Winter time in Heo Gyun/Heo Nanseolheon Memorial Park

Spring time in Heo Gyun/Heo Nanseolheon Memorial Park

Heo Gyun/Heo Nanseolheon Memorial Park was built to commemorate these talented sister and brother in 2007. The park consists of birthplace of Heo Nanseolheon and Heo Gyun, memorial hall and traditional tea experience center. Chohee traditional tea experience center was named after Nanseolheon’s given name, Chohee. It opened in December 2012 and Korea Tea Culture Assocation members are promoting Korean tea culture and offering tea ceremony session to visitors.During tea ceremony session, the instructor explains about tea utensils such as tea kettle, tea cup, cooling bowl and draining tray. And the instructor moves on teaching how to serve tea step by step from pre-heating the tea utensil to brewing the tea. The session is about 20-30 minutes and advised to make a reservation beforehand.

📌Address: 1-29, Nanseolheon-ro 193beon-gil, Gangneung-si, Gangwo

⏰Operating hours: 09:00-18:00 (Closed Mondays)

💵 Admission: Free (Tea ceremony experience 5,000 won)



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